Hie Capital is proficient in cross-segment technology and projects, hence proffers strategically calculated integrated solutions.

Hydrographic Survey – Data Analytics

  • Hydrographic Survey Data Processing
    Our Hydrographic division offers consultancy services for various bathymetric, geotechnical and geophysical surveys. On the data collected through Sonars and Lidars, we offer post-processing, interpolation, surface modeling, sounding selection, contour interpolation etc. Right from the conditioning of the raw data to finished client reports are offered by us.


  • Post Processing
    Through quality-controlled processes, data processing is carried out by Hie Capital Technologies back office support team. Data collected from side scan sonars, sector scan sonars, single beam echosounders, multibeam echosounders, Lidar etc are evaluated, cleaned and validated for further processing and various software tools are used by the team to offer these services. Remote data processing is the highlight which offers very cost-effective and timely reporting options for our clients. Various modeling services are offered by Hie Capital Technologies as per the applications. High density sounding data is interpolated to achieve the required results, as per the applications. Quality assurance checks at each step ensure the data quality and international standards. Various tools and software’s are being used by Hie Capital Technologies like Hypack, CARIS HIPS/SIPS, CARIS, CODA, etc


  • Oceanographic Systems
    Data collection, transfer, storage, modeling and reporting are being offered by Hie Capital Technologies. In our Oceanographic Division, we collect the data using both in Situ method and Remote Sensing. Date collected are qualified using alternate methodologies which is then processed further as per the applications. Modelling and Forecasting are also part of the services offered.

Bathymetry Surveys

Hie Capital technologies offer consultancy and turn-key services for:

  • Cable route surveys
  • Burial assessment
  • Desktop studies
  • Fisheries habitat
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Subsea support for offshore projects
  • Hazard surveys
  • Underwater asset inspection
  • Port, Harbor and Coastal surveys

Saturation and Air Diving Systems

Saturation Diving System

Hie Capital offers consultation for integrated solutions for the commercial diving industry on Saturation Diving systems which either can be integrated as per the design of the vessel or modular/portable diving system can be installed on the vessel and can be reinstalled on another vessel as and when required. Consultancy services for classifying the vessels under diving support and other audit services are also available from Hie Capital.

Air Diving System

Diving systems are being manufactured with revolutionary approach which felicitates the vessel by installing systems for safe manned diving. As per the application and project, various types of installations are recommended, and assistance is offered to find the apt solution.

Remote and Autonomous Systems

Hie Capital is in full capacity to cater the needs of remote and Autonomous systems which enables the remote monitoring, in-situ sensing, collecting samples and making repairs remotely.

Marine, Offshore and Industrial sectors

Electrical Automation – Power Management and Distribution systems

Energy efficient power management systems and switch boards are the key offering from Hie Capital Technologies. Advanced automation technologies and trusted partners like Siemens, are used to develop the systems. Integrated Power generation, management and distribution are being offered by HCT.

  • LV Switchboards up to 690VAC
  • Auto Main Failure panels
  • Auto load synchronization, load sharing & Power management system panel
  • Power control center
  • Motor control centers
  • Soft starters
  • Variable Frequency Drive starter panels
  • Main & Sub Distribution boards
  • Metering panels.
  • PLC based control system
  • Integrated monitoring & control system.
  • Process control system.


  • Single Line Drawings
  • Load Analysis
  • Class approvals (Applicable only for marine switch boards
  • Various IP and Zone Ratings